BAF Technologies Case Settles for $537,500.00

This page last reviewed October 25th, 2013.

In April 2013, the ARB reached a settlement with BAF Technologies (BAF) that included a $537,500 penalty to the California Air Pollution Fund for offering for sale and selling uncertified vehicles for use or registration in California. The penalty includes 25% of the penalty ($134,375) towards a Supplemental Environmental Project. 

An investigation by the ARB showed that between March 9, 2009 and November 29, 2011, BAF Technologies sold, or offered for sale four hundred and twenty-four uncertified vehicles for use or registration in California. BAF modified new, MY2009, MY2010 and MY2011 vehicles by installing compressed natural gas conversion kits on them that had not been certified by ARB, which rendered the vehicles uncertified and illegal for sale or use in California. BAF’s actions violate Sections 43151 through 43153 of the California Health and Safety Code (H&SC) and Section 27156 of the California Vehicle Code. The ARB confirmed these violations though sales data obtained from BAF’s customers. The ARB also confirmed that BAF had mislabeled 30 of the vehicles in violation of applicable vehicle labeling requirements. 

To settle the case and bring resolution to the matter, BAF agreed to terms of the settlement agreement and the $537,500 penalty.