$4,350 in Fines Paid by Bajaj USA, LLC

This page finalized Febuary 2, 2008


In March 2005 Bajaj USA, LLC ordered several Bajaj Chetak motorcycles from Bajaj Auto in India.  In early 2006 Bajaj USA, LLC received the motorcycles.  However, they were incorrectly labeled with 2006 vehicle identification numbers (VINs) and had 2006 emissions labels affixed to them.  The 2005 model-year Bajaj Chetak is certified for sale and/or use in California by the Air Resources Board (ARB), however the incorrect labeling is a violation of California Health and Safety Code 43212.  Bajaj USA, LLC will provide corrected labels to all owners of the affected 2005 model-year Chetak scooters and will provide a written report to ARB on the status of the replaced labels within 60 days. The case settled in January 2009 for four thousand three hundred and fifty dollars ($4,350.00).