$9,000 in Fines Paid by Big Dog Motorcycle Company

This page finalized September 7, 2006


The SEI Group, in a joint effort with the Mobile Source Enforcement Section (MSES), completed its investigation on Tramps Cycles in Sacramento and referred it to the ARB Legal Office in September of 1999. Tramps Cycles was displaying and offering for sale, illegal non-California certified motorcycles in their showroom. Tramps Cycles had two motorcycles manufactured by Big Dog, a Harley-Davidson clone; one was a 1996 model and the other one was a 1997 model. Neither of these had the required California emissions equipment. Big Dog Motorcycle Company, located in Wichita, Kansas, first attempted to retrofit both of these motorcycles with California emissions so the motorcycles could remain in this state and be offered for sale. After the company was informed that one of the motorcycles could not be retrofitted because there had no ARB Executive Order issued for the 1996 model, the company attempted to make it a 1997 model. As a result of this investigation, the 1997 model was brought into compliance by installing the proper equipment and the 1996 model was eventually shipped back to the factory in Kansas. This investigation was settled by the Legal Office in January, and resulted in a $9,000.00 fine levied against Tramps Cycles. The $9,000.00 fine was paid by Big Dog Motorcycle Company.

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