$50,000 in Fines Paid by BMC Motorcycle Company

This page finalized August 15, 2007


During June 2007, the Mobile Source Enforcement Section in conjunction with the ARB's Office of Legal Affairs, and the California Attorney General's Office have entered into a Settlement Agreement in the amount of $50,000 with BMC Motorcycle Company, aka Big Mikes' Choppers located in Bend, Oregon.

BMC Motorcycle Company had been issued an Executive Order by ARB so that they could sell their motorcycles in California. During routine inspections at various dealers for BMC it was found that motorcycle models were shipped to California dealers had a hose missing from the charcoal canister to the air cleaner assembly and a model had no emission control equipment at all. This hose was part of the evaporative system that was certified by ARB and must be in place to have the motorcycle in a certified condition. The hose was installed on all motorcycles that were in violation and the motorcycle with no emission control equipment was removed from California. BMC agreed to pay $50,000 into the Air Pollution Control Fund to settle this matter.

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