Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad Case Settles for $95,000

This page last reviewed April 25, 2017

Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad (BNSF) agreed to pay $95,000 in penalties and to fund a $625,000 school filtration mitigation project administered by the South Coast Air Quality Management District for violating the Drayage Truck Regulation. This settlement was reached on April 17, 2017. 

An investigation conducted by the Air Resources Board (ARB) determined that BNSF failed to comply with the requirements of the Drayage Truck Regulation by not accurately reporting for six terminals the required noncompliant truck information as outlined in the regulation. To settle the case, BNSF has agreed to the $720,000 settlement and to comply with the Drayage Truck Regulation.

With the enforcement of the Drayage Truck Regulation, ARB has been able to reduce emissions around the ports and rail yards from diesel air contaminants, protect the health of all Californians, including those in disadvantaged communities in and around the ports and rail yards.