2008 Case Settlements

This page last reviewed February 10, 2012

On this page you will find summaries of cases settled in 2008 in lieu of litigation through the Air Resources Board's (ARB's) mutual settlement program and those that were resolved in civil or criminal litigation. Related case documents may be available upon request subject to applicable exemptions from disclosure under California's Public Records Act.

Date Settled
2008 Case Settlements
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12/08Thirteen Cargo Tank Vapor RecoveryN/A
12/08Unified Grocers Consumer ProductsN/A
12/08Unified Grocers Portable Fuel ContainersN/A
12/08Beautopia, LLC N/A
12/08Armstrong Flooring N/A
12/08 BNSF RailwayN/A
12/08Berkeley Trucking Leasing, Inc. N/A
12/08Hanson Aggregates dba Berkeley-Oakland Ready Mix CompanyN/A
12/08Platt Electric Supply, Inc.N/A
12/08Mid Valley DisposalN/A
12/08The City of Monterey ParkN/A
12/08The City of GardenaN/A
12/08 Andrades Trucking N/A
12/08Golden Empire Transit N/A
11/08Two Chevron Cases N/A
11/08Two Cargo Tank Vapor Recovery CasesN/A
11/08Kragen Auto Parts(01-09-09)
11/08The Sportsman's GuideN/A
11/08All-American Canal Lining Project N/A
11/08 Gregg Industries Inc. N/A
11/08 Vicoo Industry, Inc. N/A
11/08Command Delivery Systems, Inc.
11/08Valley Vista Services, Inc.N/A
11/08 City of Bell Gardens N/A
11/08City of Needles(11-24-08)
11/08City of Oxnard(11-17-08)
10/08Four Cargo Tank Vapor RecoveryN/A
10/08Fair Trails Enterprises, Inc.N/A
10/08AVW Inc. N/A
10/08Web Products, Inc.N/A
10/08Clarins Group USAN/A
10/08Country Home Products, Inc.N/A
10/08 Warner Enterprises, Inc. N/A
10/08 Pacific Motor Trucking CompanyN/A
10/08Lanting Gardner Trucking, Inc.N/A
10/08Central Freight Lines, Inc.N/A
10/08 Berkeley Cement, Inc. N/A
10/08El Dorado County Transit AuthorityN/A
10/08All City Bus LinesN/A
10/08 City of Palm Springs N/A
10/08 City of Bakersfield N/A
10/08City of Palmdale (11-04-08)
10/08 Dunbar Armored(10-30-08)
10/08 Western Farm (10-17-08)
10/08 City of Atascadero N/A
09/08 Clearwater Environmental Mgmt., Inc.
09/08Millard Refrigerated Services, Inc.N/A
09/08 Agradora Investment CompanyN/A
09/08Global Performance ProductsN/A
09/08 Sherwin-Williams Company N/A
09/08The Home Depot, Inc.N/A
09/08Royal Oak Enterprises, LLCN/A
09/08 Beaumont Products N/A
09/08Sears Holdings Corporation (10-27-08)
09/08Antelope Valley School Transportation Agency
09/08 California Dairies, Inc. N/A
09/08 Bimbo Bakeries(09-26-08)
09/08Airgas, Inc.(10-01-08)
09/08 (09-29-08)
Shasta Nissan Subaru (09-16-08)
Munroe Motors (09-12-08)
Navistar (09-12-08)
08/08 G&R Roll Off Service
08/08 Lowe's Home Improvement Warehouse N/A
Schaeffer Manufacturing Company N/A
08/08 C.B. Fleet Company N/A
08/08 Williams-Sonoma, Inc. N/A
08/08 The Companion Group N/A
08/08 Moore Fuel N/A
08/08 (09-05-08)
07/08 Finish Line Charter N/A
07/08 N/A
07/08 California Sidecar N/A
Conco Cement Company
07/08 Lange Trucking, Inc. N/A
07/08 Shred-it USA N/A
07/08 Don E. Keith Transportation N/A
07/08 E&D Trucking, Inc. N/A
07/08 F&I Institute of America N/A
07/08 Clougherty Packing/Farmer John (08-12-08)
07/08 G&K Services, Inc. N/A
07/08 Airgas West N/A
07/08 Ds Waters of America, Inc. (07-29-08)
07/08 Baja Motorsports (07-15-08)
06/08 TT and T N/A
06/08 Lampe Berger USA, Inc. N/A
06/08 City of Commerce N/A
06/08 Graham WebbN/A
06/08 Weber-Stephens Products N/A
06/08Alen USAN/A
06/08West Marine, Inc.N/A
06/08 City of Pasadena (06-25-08)
06/08 Henkels & McCoy, Inc. (06-05-08)
06/08 Apria Health Care (05-29-08)
06/08 MCM Construction (05-23-08)
05/08Orange County HondaN/A
05/08 Allen Gas Truck Stop N/A
05/08 Safeway Inc. N/A
05/08 Polaris Industries Inc. N/A
McLane Company Inc. N/A
05/08 North Hill Recycling, Inc. N/A
05/08 Airport Auto Broker N/A
05/08 Orange County Honda N/A
05/08 Clean Up America, Inc. N/A
05/08 N/A
05/08 Regency Conversions (05-20-08)
05/08 Blaster Chemical Company (05-20-08)
05/08 Source Interlink Companies (05-13-08)
05/08 Wingfoot Commercial Tire Systems (05-13-08)
05/08 (05-09-08)
05/08 Crown Disposal Company, Inc. (05-05-08)
05/08 (05-01-08)
04/08 N/A
04/08 N/A
Chem-Pac Solutions, Inc.
04/08 Tiger Truck, Inc.
Allied Waste Services
04/08 Benz Sanitation, Inc. N/A
04/08 N/A
04/08 Wilbur-Ellis Company (05-07-08)
03/08 SoCo N/A
03/08 Quick Trip N/A
03/08 AutoZone N/A
03/08 KMI N/A
03/08 Rutland Fire Clay Company N/A
03/08 Motul USA, Inc. N/A
03/08 Sacramento Motocycle Dismantlers N/A
03/08 Southland Paving, Inc. N/A
03/08 City of Baldwin Park N/A
03/08 New Bern Transport Corporation/
Pepsi Bottling Group Transporter
02/08 Coach America N/A
02/08 ValleyCrest Companies (02-22-08)
02/08 One Grand Product N/A
02/08 Keune Haircosmetic USA, Inc. N/A
02/08 PMP Corporation N/A
02/08 Coach America N/A
02/08 Daytona Twin N/A
02/08 Freedom Motor USA, Inc. N/A
01/08E.J. Harrison & Son, Inc.N/A
01/08Hartwick & Hand, Inc.N/A
01/08Pena's Disposal, Inc.N/A
01/08 4 Wheel Part Performance Center N/A
01/08 Blanco America, Inc. N/A
01/08 Cal-Mex International Broker, Inc. (04-17-08)
01/08 ABC Supply Company, Inc. N/A
01/08 Hemet Manufacturing Co., Inc. N/A
01/08 VRGS Trucking Inc. (02-14-08)
01/08 CK Transport (02-14-08)
01/08 San Luis Obispo Regional Transit N/A

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Details about case settlements are available by contacting the ARB. For further information about this program, please contact the Enforcement Division at (916) 322-7061 or visit our Enforcement Contacts page for information regarding specific programs.