2010 Case Settlements

This page last reviewed January 5, 2013

On this page you will find summaries of cases settled in 2010 in lieu of litigation through the Air Resources Board's (ARB's) mutual settlement program and those that were resolved in civil or criminal litigation. Related case documents may be available upon request subject to applicable exemptions from disclosure under California's Public Records Act.

Senate Bill 1402 (Chapter 413, Statutes of 2010) was enacted as urgent legislation on September 28, 2010 and requires ARB to post settlement agreements containing SB 1402 compliance statements on this website.

Date Settled
2010 Case Settlements
News Releases
Settlement Agreements
(SB1402 Reporting Requirement)
12/10 Petersen-Dean Inc. N/A
Petersen-Dean Inc. Settlement
12/10 SEI Chemical, Inc. N/A N/A
12/10 Premier Brands N/A N/A
12/10 Exotica Fragrance N/A N/A
12/10 A.P. Deauville N/A N/A
12/10 SEI Chemical, Inc. N/A N/A
12/10 Pacific Tank Lines, Inc. N/A Pacific Tank Lines, Inc. Settlement
12/10 Aqua Pool and Spa N/A Aqua Pool and Spa Settlement
11/10 Alberto Culver N/A N/A
11/10 Flora Forte N/A N/A
11/10 Valley Fruit & Produce Co. N/A Valley Fruit & Produce Co. Settlement
11/10 Villegas Trucking Inc. N/A N/A
11/10 Snoozie Shavings, Inc. N/A N/A
11/10 C.L.L., Inc. N/A N/A
10/10 Royal Oak Enterprises, LLC N/A N/A
10/10 The TJX Companies N/A N/A
10/10 Wurth USA (01/18/2011) N/A
10/10 Armstrong World Industries (01/18/2011) N/A
10/10 Arciniega Transport Inc. N/A N/A
10/10 Zim American Integrated Shipping Services Co. N/A N/A
10/10 Prow Shipping Corporated N/A N/A
10/10 Mediterranean Shipping Corporation N/A N/A
10/10 Jumbo Shipping, Kahn Scheepvaart B.V. (4-20-2011) N/A
10/10 Reefer Sales and Rental Incorporated N/A N/A
10/10 Noah Concrete Corp. N/A N/A
10/10 Dateland Construction Company Inc. N/A N/A
10/10 SFO Shuttle Bus Comany N/A N/A
10/10 Sevilla Shipping Corporation N/A N/A
10/10 Hanjin Shipping LTD. N/A N/A
10/10 Gasparian, Inc. N/A N/A
10/10 EJ Distribution Corporation N/A N/A
10/10 Kissinger Trucking Co. N/A N/A
10/10 Local Rubbish Company, Inc. N/A N/A
10/10 NST, Inc. aka New Star (01/18/2011) N/A
09/10 Yankee Candle Company, Inc N/A N/A
09/10 Roxide International, Inc. N/A N/A
09/10 Ulta Salon Cosmetic and Fragrance, Inc. N/A N/A
09/10 Paslode Construction Service and Parts N/A N/A
09/10 Odwalla, Inc. N/A N/A
09/10 Seymour Manufacturing N/A N/A
09/10 Ganz USA N/A N/A
09/10 Olympic Mountain Products N/A N/A
09/10 Robanda International, Inc. N/A N/A
09/10 William Schwartz N/A N/A
09/10 Avon Products, Inc. N/A N/A
09/10 Evans and Son Tour Services, Inc. N/A N/A
09/10 Remedial Transportation Services Inc. N/A N/A
09/10 Martin Brothers Trucking, Inc. N/A N/A
09/10 Chicks Produce, Inc. N/A N/A
09/10 Gonzalez Registration Services N/A N/A
09/10 Interfresh Inc. N/A N/A
09/10 Renick Cadallic/Subaru N/A N/A
09/10 San Mateo County Transit District N/A N/A
09/10 Producer Dairy Foods, Inc. N/A N/A
09/10 Walker Mowers N/A N/A
09/10 All Purpose Warehouse, Inc. N/A N/A
08/10 CSL International N/A N/A
08/10 Fleet Management Limited N/A N/A
08/10 BNSF and UP N/A N/A
08/10 O'Reilly Auto Parts N/A N/A
08/10 Green Earth Technologies N/A N/A
08/10 Sears Holding Management Corporation N/A N/A
08/10 BP Lubricants, USA Company N/A N/A
08/10 Akzo Nobel Paints LLC N/A N/A
08/10 Sherwin Williams Diversifies Brand Co. N/A N/A
08/10 Packaging Service Co. N/A N/A
08/10 The Samy Company N/A N/A
08/10 Seve's Meats Incorporated N/A N/A
08/10 Golden State Foods N/A N/A
08/10 Tom Bengard Ranch N/A N/A
08/10 Penske Truck Leasing N/A N/A
08/10 Robin America, Inc. (12-30-10) N/A
08/10 Certified Transportation Services, Inc. N/A N/A
08/10 Atlas Transportation Services, LLC N/A N/A
08/10 Mexicrete Site Development N/A N/A
08/10 Cummins Emissions & Johnson Matthey, Inc. N/A N/A
08/10 Innovent Motor N/A N/A
07/10 Claire Manufacturing Co. N/A N/A
07/10 The Home Depot N/A N/A
07/10 William Harvey N/A N/A
07/10 Eaton Drilling Company, Inc. N/A N/A
07/10 Fresh Link Logistics, Inc. N/A N/A
07/10 Vectra Enterprises, Inc. N/A N/A
07/10 Akerue Industries, LLC N/A N/A
07/10 Jimmie Johnson Kearnt Mesa Chevrolet N/A N/A
07/10 Faulkner Trucking N/A N/A
07/10 Western Refining N/A N/A
07/10 Valley Paving N/A N/A
07/10 FirstClass Foods N/A N/A
07/10 No Vacancy, Inc. N/A N/A
07/10 Green Valley Transportation Corporation N/A N/A
07/10 Jack Goody's Towing N/A N/A
07/10 Glasswerks LA, Inc. N/A N/A
07/10 Godoy Logistics LLC N/A N/A
07/10 Lugo's Towing N/A N/A
07/10 Hendrick Automotive Group N/A N/A
06/10 Valley Paving N/A N/A
06/10 Napa County Transporation and Planning Agency N/A N/A
06/10 Heritage Pools N/A N/A
06/10 All Seasons Roofing & Solar N/A N/A
06/10 ITS Technologies & Logistics, Inc. N/A N/A
06/10 San Jose Tallow Company N/A N/A
06/10 Randy's Trucking, Inc. N/A N/A
06/10 Fresh Express N/A N/A
06/10 ISE Corporation (12-30-10) N/A
06/10 AGCO Corporation (12-30-10) N/A
06/10 Sunset Landscapes, Inc. N/A N/A
06/10 ACES Waste Sevices, Inc. N/A N/A
06/10 Alameda County Industries, Inc. N/A N/A
06/10 South San Francisco Scavenger Company, Inc. N/A N/A
06/10 Holiday Pools Construction, Inc. N/A N/A
06/10 Eastern Manufacturing, Inc. (06-16-10) N/A
06/10 Evergreen Oil, Inc. N/A N/A
06/10 Merkow Wholesale Distributors, Inc. N/A N/A
06/10 Carpinteria Motor Transport, Inc. N/A N/A
05/10 Parsec, Inc. N/A N/A
05/10 Blitz USA N/A N/A
05/10 Wella Corporation N/A N/A
05/10 Whitmire Micro-Gen Research Laboratories, Inc. N/A N/A
05/10 Remington Arms Company N/A N/A
05/10 Lowe's HIW, Inc. N/A N/A
05/10 American Consumer Products LLC N/A N/A
05/10 Siskiyou County Stage N/A N/A
05/10 Pep Boys Manny Moe & Jack (06-16-10) N/A
05/10 Cal Coast Roll-Off Service N/A N/A
05/10 Rim of World Unified School District N/A N/A
05/10 Kramar's Iron and Metal, Inc. N/A N/A
05/10 LA Party Rents, Inc. N/A N/A
05/10 Diestel Turkey Ranch N/A N/A
05/10 International Surfacing System N/A N/A
05/10 HFS North America LLC (06-16-10) N/A
05/10 Zen Bakery, Inc. N/A N/A
05/10 Charles Gonzales Trucking N/A N/A
04/10 Tiffany Coachworks (12-30-10) N/A
04/10 Ultrasol Industries Limited N/A N/A
04/10 Hain Celestial N/A N/A
04/10 Parfums de Coeur Antiperspirant and Deodorant N/A N/A
04/10 Honeybee Gardens N/A N/A
04/10 MGK N/A N/A
04/10 Safety Kleen Systems, Inc. N/A N/A
04/10 Cedar Ave. Recycling and Transfer LP N/A N/A
04/10 Electric Motor Shop N/A N/A
04/10 Nan Hood, Inc. N/A N/A
04/10 Eel River Disposal Company, Inc. (05-19-10) N/A
04/10 California Waste Solutions, Inc. (05-19-10) N/A
04/10 Crown Tear Off and Disposal, Inc. N/A N/A
04/10 Superior Grocers, Inc. (06-16-10) N/A
04/10 J and J Motorsports N/A N/A
04/10 Clean Harbors Environmental Services (05-19-10) N/A
04/10 Stidham Trucking, Inc. (05-19-10) N/A
04/10 Eggleton Trucking (05-19-10) N/A
04/10 Goldenvale, Inc.


03/10 San Benito County Local Transportation Authority N/A N/A
03/10 Parsec, Inc. N/A N/A
03/10 ITS Technologies & Logistics, Inc. N/A N/A
03/10 Pro's Choice Beauty Care, Inc. N/A N/A
03/10 GarrettWade Company, Inc. N/A N/A
03/10 DAS Distributors, Inc. N/A N/A
03/10 Warren Oil Company, Inc. N/A N/A
03/10 Nor-Cal Produce, Inc. N/A N/A
03/10 Starving Student, Inc. N/A N/A
03/10 Rosendin Electric, Inc. N/A N/A
03/10 Rollx Vans N/A N/A
03/10 Drake Farms Trucking, Inc. (05-19-10) N/A
03/10 Cummins West, Inc. (05-19-10) N/A
03/10 Gill Bros Trucking, Inc. (05-19-10) N/A
03/10 Karya Brothers Network, Inc. N/A N/A
03/10 Cherokee Freight Line Stockton, LLC N/A N/A
03/10 Sugar Transport of the Northwest, LLC N/A N/A
03/10 BMS Motorsports, Inc. N/A N/A
03/10 SMART Refrigerated Transport, Inc. (03-17-10) N/A
03/10 Irish Construction N/A N/A
02/10 Bhandal Bros. Trucking, Inc. N/A N/A
02/10 BNSF and UP Railroad MOU N/A N/A
02/10 Sparetime Supply N/A N/A
02/10 Carroll Company N/A N/A
02/10 Beauty Systems Group N/A N/A
02/10 Central Valley Auto Transport, Inc. N/A N/A
02/10 Valley Auto Transport, Inc. N/A N/A
02/10 Calstone Company N/A N/A
02/10 Cummins, Inc. (02-22-10) N/A
02/10 Ironman Parts and Services N/A N/A
02/10 Bragg Investment Companies (02-24-10) N/A
02/10 Biagi Bros. (02-24-10) N/A
02/10 Bedford Enterprises, Inc. N/A N/A
02/10 Ca Sewage Disposal Company N/A N/A
02/10 US Air Conditioning Distributors N/A N/A
02/10 Chemical Transfer Company (02-11-10) N/A
02/10 Rapid Harvest Company (02-10-10) N/A
02/10 Unilever Parent Company (02-10-10) N/A
02/10 Adonis Transport N/A N/A
02/10 Golden State Lumber Inc. N/A N/A
01/10 Sea Planes, Inc. and American Marine Corporation (Commercial Harbor Craft) N/A N/A
01/10 Top of the Line N/A N/A
01/10 Unilever/Conopco N/A N/A
01/10 Royal Coach Tours N/A N/A
01/10 RDO Equipment Co. (03-04-10) N/A
01/10 Cummins Power Generation N/A N/A
01/10 Navajo Pipelines, Inc. N/A N/A
01/10 Quality Waste Services, Inc. N/A N/A

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Details about case settlements are available by contacting the ARB. For further information about this program, please contact the Enforcement Division at (916) 322-7061 or visit our Enforcement Contacts page for information regarding specific programs.