2012 Case Settlements

This page last reviewed November 28th, 2018.

On this page you will find summaries of cases settled in 2012 in lieu of litigation through the Air Resources Board's (ARB's) mutual settlement program and those that were resolved in civil or criminal litigation. Related case documents may be available upon request subject to applicable exemptions from disclosure under California's Public Records Act.

Senate Bill 1402 (Chapter 413, Statutes of 2010) was enacted as urgent legislation on September 28, 2010 and requires ARB to post settlement agreements containing SB 1402 compliance statements on this website.

Date Settled
2012 Case Settlements
News Releases
Settlement Agreements
(SB1402 Reporting Requirement)
12/12Premier Brands of America Inc. and Western Family Foods, Inc.N/APremier Brands of America Inc. and Western Family Foods, Inc. Settlement
12/12Demert Brands, Inc. Nature's TherapyN/ADemert Brants, Inc. Nature's Therapy Settlement
12/12Demert Brands, Inc.N/ADemert Brants, Inc. Settlement
12/12 John Deere N/A John Deere Settlement
12/12 VP Racing Fuels, Inc. N/A VP Racing Fuels, Inc. Settlement
12/12 ESW Canada, Inc. N/A ESW Canada, Inc. Settlement
12/12 Foster Enterprises (01-17-2013) Foster Enterprises Judgment
12/12 Trans Ocean Carrier, Inc. N/A Trans Ocean Carrier, Inc. Settlement
12/12 Yamaha Motor Company, USA & Yamaha Motor Company, Ltd. (3-11-2013) Yamaha Motor Company, USA & Yamaha Motor Company, Ltd. Settlement
12/12 Mavala / Lela Distributors (1-08-2013) Mavala / Lela Distributors Settlement
12/12 Los Angeles Department of Water and Power N/A Los Angeles Department of Water and Power SettlemenT
12/12 Misuga Kaiun Co., Ltd. N/A Misuga Kaiun Co., Ltd. Settlement
12/12 Bernhard Schulte Shipmanagement (Deautschland), GmbH & Co. KG N/A Bernhard Schulte Shipmanagement (Deautschland), GmbH & Co. KG Settlement
12/12 Alan Berman Trucking, Inc. N/A Alan Berman Trucking, Inc. Settlement
12/12 The Sherwin-Williams Company (1-08-2013) The Sherwin-Williams Company Settlement
12/12 Gillies Trucking Inc. N/A Gillies Trucking Inc. Settlement
12/12 Debris Box N/A Debris Box Settlement
12/12 Domistyle, Inc. (1-08-2013) Domistyle, Inc. Settlement
12/12 Mountain Materials, Inc. N/A Mountain Materials, Inc. Settlement
12/12 Single Line Express, Inc. N/A Single Line Express, Inc. Settlement
12/12 Pacific National Transportation N/A Pacific National Transportation Settlement
12/12 Paramount Citrus N/A Paramount Citrus Settlement
11/12 Kohler Power Systems N/A Kohler Power Systems Settlement
11/12 IMZ-Ural Group, Inc. N/A IMZ-Ural Group, Inc. Settlement
11/12 Cost Plus Management Services, Inc. (1-08-2013) Cost Plus Management Services, Inc. Settlement
11/12 M. Paggen Trucking N/A M. Paggen Trucking Settlement
11/12 Delta Brands, Inc. (1-08-2013) Delta Brands, Inc. Settlement
11/12 Mendo Mill & Lumber Company N/A Mendo Mill & Lumber Company Settlement
11/12 North American Trailer, LLC N/A North American Trailer,LLC Settlement
11/12 Arcata Garbage Co. N/A Arcata Garbage Co. Settlement
11/12 Fine Hair (1-08-2013) Fine Hair Settlement
11/12 Superior Tank Lines N/A Superior Tank Lines Settlement
11/12 Betco Corporation N/A Betco Corporation Settlement
11/12 Vander Meulen, Inc. N/A Vander Meulen, Inc. Settlement
11/12 Cal Mex International Brokers (5-10-2013) Cal Mex International Brokers Settlement
11/12 Pride Intermodal Inc. N/A Pride Intermodal Inc. Settlement
11/12 Chemical Transfer Co. N/A Chemical Transfer Co. Settlement
11/12 California Cascade Industries N/A California Cascade Industries Settlement
11/12 Meathead Movers Inc. N/A Meathead Movers Inc. Settlement
10/12 AMVETS Department of California Service Foundation N/A AMVETS Department of California Service Foundation Settlement
10/12 Southwest Transportation Agency N/A Southwest Transportation Agency Settlement
10/12 Martinez Trucking, Inc. N/A Martinez Trucking, Inc. Settlement
10/12 San Joaquin Regional Transit District (12-27-2012) San Joaquin Regional Transit District Settlement
10/12 Innovative Brands LLC (1-08-2013) Innovative Brands LLC Settlement
10/12 Norbulk Shipping U.K., Ltd. N/A Norbulk Shipping U.K., Ltd. Settlement
10/12 Aervoe Industries, Inc. (1-08-2013) Aervoe Industries, Inc. Settlement
10/12 Household Essentials, LLC (1-08-2013) Household Essentials, LLC Settlement
10/12 HandStands Industries (1-08-2013) HandStands Industries Settlement
10/12 Heads-Up Industries (1-08-2013) Heads-Up Industries Settlement
10/12 Paramount Farms Incorporated N/A Paramount Farms Incorporated Settlement
10/12 South Bay Foundry, Inc. N/A South Bay Foundry, Inc. Settlement
10/12 Attwood Corporation (1-08-2013) Attwood Corporation Settlement
10/12 John Paul Mitchell Systems (1-08-2013) John Paul Mitchell Systems Settlement
10/12 Hoyu America Company (1-08-2013) Hoyu America Company Settlement
10/12 Beautopia LLC. (1-08-2013) Beautopia LLC. Settlement
10/12 Brentwood Beauty Laboratories International, Inc. (1-08-2013) Brentwood Beauty Laboratories International, Inc. Settlement
9/12 Chipolbrok Shipping Company N/A Chipolbrok Shipping Company Settlement
9/12 Metropolis Disposal N/A Metropolis Disposal Settlement
9/12 TJX Companies, Inc. N/A TJX Companies, Inc. Settlement
9/12 Huss, Inc. N/A Huss, Inc. Settlement
9/12 J R Transportes N/A J R Transportes Settlement
9/12 Demeter F.L. Inc. (1-08-2013) Demeter F.L. Inc. Settlement
9/12 John Paul Mitchell Systems (1-08-2013) John Paul Mitchell Systems Settlement
9/12 Keolis Transit America N/A Keolis Transit America Settlement
9/12 Finbeck Services LLC N/A Finbeck Services LLC Settlement
9/12 Mediterranean Shipping Company S.R.L. N/A Mediterranean Shipping Company S.R. L. Settlement
9/12 Walmart Stores, Inc. N/A Walmart Stores, Inc. Settlement
9/12 Matrix Concepts N/A Matrix Concepts Settlement
9/12 BKB Automotive Cosmetics, Inc. (1-08-2013) BKB Automotive Cosmetics, Inc. Settlement
9/12 Creams Dismantling, Inc. N/A Creams Dismantling, Inc. Settlement
9/12 All Star Auto Recycling, Inc. N/A All Star Auto Recycling, Inc. Settlement
9/12 Ryder Group (09-11-2012) Ryder Group Settlement
8/12 Columbia Shipmanagement Ltd. N/A Columbia Shipmanagement Ltd. Settlement
8/12 Denyo America Corporation N/A Denyo America Corporation
8/12 Rentrac, Inc. N/A Rentrac, Inc. Settlement



Chevron Settlement

8/12 Chevron N/A Chevron Settlement
8/12 Chevron N/A Chevron Settlement
8/12 Bruin Express Intermodal LLC N/A Bruin Express Inermodal LLC Settlement
8/12 Paramount Farming Company N/A Paramount Farming Company Settlement
8/12 Briggs& Stratton Corporation (1-08-2013) Briggs & Stratton Corporation Settlement
8/12 Homax Group, Inc. (1-08-2013) Homax Group, Inc. Settlement
8/12 Jake's Towing & Recovery, Inc. N/A Jake's Towing and Recovery, Inc. Settlement
8/12 Tractor Supply Company N/A Tractor Supply Company Settlement
8/12 Rausser Bros. Trucking, Inc. N/A Rausser Bros. Trucking Settlement
8/12 Southern California Disposal and Recycling Company N/A Southern California Disposal and Recycling Company Settlement
8/12 T3 MICRO (1-08-2013) T3 MICRO Settlement
8/12 Henkel Corporation (1-08-2013) Henkel Corporation Settlement
8/12 Systems Services of America N/A Systems Services of America Settlement
8/12 CIDO Shipping (Korea) Co., Ltd. N/A CIDO Shipping (Korea) Co., Ltd. Settlement
8/12 ISM Ship Management Pte Ltd. N/A ISM Ship Management Pte Ltd. Settlement
8/12 Cortex USA, Inc. (1-08-2013)
Cortex USA, Inc. Settlement
8/12 Fuchs Lubricants Company N/A Fuchs Lubricants Company Settlement
8/12 AutoZone, Inc. N/A AutoZone, Inc. Settlement
8/12 Azusa Light & Water N/A Azusa Light & Water Settlement
8/12 Just Gas Tanks N/A Just Gas Tanks Settlement
8/12 Imperial Industrial Supply Co. N/A Imperial Industrial Supply Co. Settlement
8/12 Lifetime Brands, Inc. (1-08-2013) Lifetime Brands, Inc. Settlement
8/12 Full Spektrem (1-08-2013) Full Spektrem Settlement
8/12 Supervalu - Albertsons (1-08-2013) Supervalu - Albertsons Settlement
7/12 Birchwood Laboratories, Inc. (11/02/2013) Birchwood Laboratories, Inc. Settlement
7/12 EMADCO Disposal Service, Inc. N/A EMADCO Disposal Service, Inc. Settlement
7/12 KLC SM Co., Ltd. N/A KLC SM Co., Ltd. Settlement
7/12 Mountain Spring Water of Santa Barbara Inc. N/A Mountain Spring Water of Santa Barbara Inc. Settlement
7/12 Chengxin Ship Management Ltd. N/A Chengxin Ship Management Ltd. Settlement
7/12 Dowa Line America Co., Ltd. N/A Dowa Line America Co., Ltd. Settlement
7/12 Goldenport Shipmanagement Ltd. N/A Goldenport Shipmanagement Ltd. Settlement
7/12 Rolling Green, Inc. N/A Rolling Green, Inc. Settlement
7/12 The Procter & Gamble Distributing LLC (1-08-2013) The Procter & Gamble Distributing LLC Settlement
7/12 Diptyque Distribution LLC (1-08-2013) Diptyque Distribution LLC Settlement
7/12 AutoZone, Inc. (1-08-2013) AutoZone, Inc. Settlement
7/12 City Sightseeing San Francisco N/A City Sightseeing San Francisco Settlement
7/12 Imperial Valley Cycle Center N/A Imperial Valley Cycle Center Settlement
7/12 Scepter Corporation N/A Scepter Corporation Settlement
7/12 Supervalu - Albertsons (1-08-2013) Supervalu - Albertsons Settlement
6/12 American Suzuki Motor Corporation & Suzuki Motor Corporation (3-07-2013) American Suzuki Motor Corporation & Suzuki Motor Corporation Settlement
6/12 The Fairplex Corp. N/A The Fairplex Corp. Settlement
6/12 Aromatique, Inc. (1-08-2013) Aromatique, Inc. Settlement
6/12 The Home Depot, Inc. (1-08-2013) The Home Depot, Inc. Settlement
6/12 Sean Truck & Reefer Rental, Incorporated N/A Sean Truck & Reefer Rental, Incorporated Settlement
6/12 Champion Brands (12-10-2012) Champion Brands Settlement
6/12 Lawson Products (7-6-2012) Lawson Products Settlement
6/12 Certol International (1-08-2013) Certol International Settlement
6/12 Technical Chemical Company (12-28-2012) Technical Chemical Company Settlement
6/12 O’Reilly Automotive, Inc. (12-28-2012) O’Reilly Automotive, Inc. Settlement
6/12 Personal Care Products, Inc. (1-08-2013) Personal Care Products, Inc. Settlement
6/12 Suyen Corporation USA (1-08-2013) Suyen Corporation USA Settlement
6/12 Caterpillar, Inc. (7-5-2012) Caterpillar, Inc. Settlement
6/12 BMW of North America N/A BMW of North America Settlement
6/12 Korkyra Shipping Ltd. N/A Korkyra Shipping Ltd. Settlement
6/12 Moya Trucking Incorporated N/A Moya Trucking Incorporated Settlement
6/12 Hills Valley Transportation N/A Hills Valley Transportation Settlement
6/12 Wahl Clipper Corporation (1-08-2013) Wahl Clipper Corporation Settlement
6/12 The Gerson Company (1-08-2013) The Gerson Company Settlement
6/12 Neoteric Cosmetics Inc. (1-08-2013) Neoteric Cosmetics Inc. Settlement
6/12 Giftcraft Inc. (1-08-2013) Giftcraft Inc. Settlement
6/12 DAVEX Labs, LLC (1-08-2013) DAVEX Labs, LLC Settlement
6/12 Lundmark Wax Company (1-08-2013) Lundmark Wax Company Settlement
6/12 E.T. Browne Drug Company Inc. (1-08-2013) E.T. Browne Drug Company Inc. Settlement
6/12 Genlabs Manufacturing, Inc. (1-08-2013) Genlabs Manufacturing, Inc. Settlement
6/12 Sophia’s International, LLC (1-08-2013) Sophia’s International, LLC Settlement
6/12 M&F Western Products, Inc. (1-08-2013) M&F Western Products, Inc. Settlement
6/12 Bushnell Moving N/A Bushnell Moving Settlement
6/12 CPL Express, Incorporated N/A CPL Express, Incorporated Settlement
6/12 Boneso Brothers Construction Inc. N/A Boneso Brothers Construction Inc. Settlement
6/12 VIP Transport, Inc. N/A VIP Transport, Inc. Settlement
5/12 KLX Incorporated N/A KLX Incorporated Settlement
5/12 Lotta Luv LLC (1-08-2013) Lotta Luv LLC Settlement
5/12 Ion Professional Products, Inc. (1-08-2013) Ion Professional Products, Inc. Settlement
5/12 Alameda County Water District N/A Alameda County Water District Settlement
5/12 Tigi Linea Corporation (1-08-2013) Tigi Linea Corporation Settlement
5/12 The Pomeroy Collection (1-08-2013) The Pomeroy Collection Settlement
5/12 Vogue International (1-08-2013) Vogue International Settlement
5/12 Cobos Transportation Express, Inc. N/A Cobos Transportation Express, Inc. Settlement
5/12 California Well Services, Inc. N/A California Well Services, Inc. Settlement
5/12 Geiss, Destin, & Dunn, Inc. (1-08-2013) Geiss, Destin, & Dunn, Inc. Settlement
5/12 IDQ Companies (1-08-2013) IDQ Companies Settlement
5/12 Upper Valley Disposal Service N/A Upper Valley Disposal Service Settlement
5/12 Preferred Septic and Disposal, Inc. N/A Preferred Septic and Disposal, Inc. Settlement
5/12 Henry Margu Inc. (1-08-2013) Henry Margu Inc. Settlement
5/12 CFMOTO Powersports, Inc. N/A CFMOTO Powersports, Inc. Settlement
5/12 Riebes Auto Parts N/A Riebes Auto Parts Settlement
5/12 Potigian Transfer, Inc. N/A Potigian Transfer, Inc. Settlement
5/12 Rite Aid Corporation (1-08-2013) Rite Aid Corporation Settlement
4/12 Dels Distributing Company N/A Dels Distributing Company Settlement
4/12 BG's Big Box Service N/A BG's Big Box Service Settlement
4/12 Jack Jones Trucking Inc. N/A Jack Jones Trucking Inc. Settlement
4/12 Global Materials Recovery Services, Inc. N/A Global Materials Recovery Services, Inc. Settlement
3/12 Evergreen Marine U.K. Ltd. N/A Evergreen Marine U.K. Ltd. Settlement
3/12 MOL Ship Management Co., Ltd. N/A MOL Ship Management Co., Ltd. Settlement
3/12 BMC West Corporation N/A BMC West Corporation Settlement
3/12 Imperial Irrigation District (05-15-2012) Imperial Irrigation District Settlement
3/12 Cummins West, Inc. N/A Cummins West, Inc. Settlement
3/12 City of Banning N/A City of Banning Settlement
3/12 Nissan North America, Inc. N/A Nissan North America, Inc. Settlement
3/12 A & B Produce, Inc. N/A A & B Produce, Inc. Settlement
3/12 Placer County Regional Transit N/A Placer County Regional Transit Settlement
3/12 AA Production Services, Inc. N/A AA Production Services, Inc. Settlement
3/12 L.A. Dispatch Transportation, Inc. N/A L.A. Dispatch Transportation, Inc. Settlement
3/12 B.R. Funsten/Tom Duffy Company N/A B.R. Funsten/Tom Duffy Company Settlement
3/12 Jones Ford-Mercury LLP N/A Jones Ford-Mercury LLP Settlement
3/12 Greg Bell Trucking, Inc. N/A Greg Bell Trucking, Inc. Settlement
2/12 VIA Adventures, Inc. N/A VIA Adventures, Inc. Settlement
2/12 Nor-Cal Moving Services N/A Nor-Cal Moving Services Settlement
2/12 Phoenix Coatings, Inc. N/A Phoenix Coatings, Inc. Settlement
2/12 Dojima Marine Co., Ltd. (04-25-2012) Dojima Marine Co., Ltd. Settlement
2/12 Premiere Brand Meats (1-08-2013) Premiere Brand Meats Settlement
2/12 Sunset Waste Systems, Inc. N/A Sunset Waste Systems, Inc. Settlement
2/12 East Bay Sanitary Company, Inc. N/A East Bay Sanitary Company, Inc. Settlement
2/12 Zimmerman Re-roofing Inc. N/A Zimmerman Re-roofing Inc. Settlement
2/12 Active Recycling Company, Inc. N/A Active Recycling Company, Inc. Settlement
2/12 Muranaka Farm, Inc. N/A Muranaka Farm, Inc. Settlement
2/12 Con-Way Freight N/A Con-Way Freight Settlement
2/12 Waste Resources, Inc. N/A Waste Resources, Inc. Settlement
2/12 Matheson Trucking Inc. N/A Matheson Trucking Inc. Settlement
2/12 Pre-Peeled Products, Inc. N/A Pre-Peeled Products, Inc. Settlement
1/12 Royal Trucking N/A Royal Trucking Settlement
1/12 Nu Way Roll-Off Service N/A Nu Way Roll-Off Service Settlement
1/12 Korkyra Shipping, Ltd. (04-25-2012) Korkyra Shipping, Ltd. Settlement
1/12 Market Transport, Ltd. N/A Market Transport, Ltd. Settlement
1/12 Dependable Disposal & Recycling District N/A Dependable Disposal & Recycling Settlement
1/12 Bay Area Rapid Transit District N/A Bay Area Rapid Transit District Settlement
1/12 Mike's Foreign Auto Parts (3-13-2012) Mike's Foreign Auto Parts Settlement


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