Chevron Case Settles for $145,000

This page last reviewed September 10, 2012

In March 2012, Chevron paid $145,000 in penalties for the sale, offer for sale, supply, or offer for supply of CARBOB in violation of California reformulated gasoline regulations.  In May of 2007, CARB inspectors obtained a sample of CARBOB during a routine inspection at Chevron’s Richmond refinery.  Laboratory analysis of the CARBOB sample from refinery tank 3134 indicated a benzene content of 0.86%, which exceeded the reported predictive model value of 0.71%.  An investigation by Chevron indicated that the cause was due to a refinery operator inadequately flushing his sampler while obtaining a sample from the tank.  This violation spanned 7 days.  After receiving notification of the violation from CARB, Chevron submitted a new predictive model.  The CARBOB was analyzed and met the reported limit specifications.