Chrysler Corporation Case Settles for $24,000

This page last reviewed June 3, 2010

Mobile Source Enforcement Section (MSES) opened this case against Chrysler Corporation for directly shipping federally certified vehicles to California dealers.  This case was generated by a complaint from a vehicle owner who was sold a federally certified Chrysler Avenger by a San Diego dealer that Chrysler wanted back.  The vehicle owner was feeling harassed by a private Texas company hired by the dealer to get the vehicle owner to sell the Avenger back to the dealer so he filed a complaint.  MSES staff inspected the San Diego dealership and obtained sales invoices for 4 federally certified Avengers Chrysler shipped directly to them.  After researching these 4 vehicles a total of 6 new vehicles with federal emissions shipped directly to California dealers were found.  The manufacturer is supposed to have safeguards in place to prevent this type of thing.  Chrysler explained it was a computer glitch that caused this.  Chrysler provided proof all vehicles were removed from California and a settlement amount of $24,000 was received on February 25, 2009.