Chrysler Settles with ARB for $44,000

This page finalized July 31, 2006.


During an investigation conducted by the Mobile Source Enforcement Section of the Air Resources Board (ARB), it was discovered that Daimler Chrysler (Chrysler) delivered to California retail locations nine 2000 model year new motor vehicles that were not certified by the ARB for sale in California. Chrysler admitted that the vehicles were subsequently offered for sale and sold to California residents due in part to an error in Chrysler's vehicle order guide and electronic vehicle order system. This action is a violation of the California Health and Safety Code (H&SC) section 43151.
To resolve the H&SC violations Chrysler took corrective action by reconfiguring one of the vehicles to specifications for California-certified configuration and extending the manufacturers warranty to a 7/70 warranty on the remaining eight vehicles. In addition to prevent the recurrence of the violations, Chrysler modified their vehicle order control process. Chrysler made a penalty payment of $44,000 to the Air Pollution Control Fund for the violations in settlement of this case.

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