CRC Industries, Inc. Case Settles for $625,000

This page last reviewed July 20, 2018

A case was settled with CRC Industries, Inc. (CRC) for selling Lectra-Clean and Lectra-Motive products, which are both electric parts cleaners,that contained perchloroethylene a toxic air containment (TAC).  TACs are prohibited in the “Electrical Cleaner” category.  The sale of these products resulted in 210.8 tons of TAC emissions attributable to the violation.  To resolve the violation, CRC paid $625,000 in penalties, of which CRC paid $299,472 to the El Sol Neighborhood Educational Center a supplemental environmental project.  To come into compliance CRC modified the Lectra-Clean product to conform to the “Energized Electrical Cleaner” category as defined in the California Consumer Products Regulations.  Additionally, CRC agreed not to sell the Lectra-Motive products in the state of California to discourage prohibited automotive use for energized electrical cleaners.