CSK Automotive Case Settled - $14,000

This page finalized April 12, 2005.


On November 9, 2004, an office conference was held with representatives from CSK Auto, Inc., the parent company of Kragen Auto Parts stores, to discuss  the sale of non-compliant 20/10 DeICER Windshield Washer Cleaner (freeze protection to –25o F) and non-compliant 20/10 All Season Windshield Washer Fluid in non-Type A areas of California.  Samples of these non-complying products had been collected in May of 2003 and in August 2004.  The case was settled on January 31, 2005 for a payment of $14,000.  CSK Auto also agreed to upgrade its retail point of sale computer system to prevent similar violations in the future.