Cummins, Inc. Case Settles for $500,000

This page last reviewed September 27, 2012

In May 2011, Cummins Inc., a manufacturer of heavy-duty diesel engines, paid $500,000 for failing to properly retest its engines already in use. $125,000 was paid to ARB's Air Pollution Control Fund, and an additional $375,000 was paid to the U.S. EPA. Cumminsí violations included failing to test at least four engines in selected engine families; completing tests after the deadline set in a 1998 settlement agreement for a previous air quality infraction; reporting test results more than 30 days after test completion; and testing 10 vehicles at less than the maximum weight, as designated in the terms of a 1998 agreement. ARB, working with the United States Environmental Protection Agency, discovered this most recent offense during an investigation regarding Cumminsí delivery of approximately 570,000 diesel engines without exhaust aftertreatment devices between 1998 and 2006, a violation of the Clean Air Act.