Cummins West, Inc. Case Settles for $63,000

This page last reviewed June 28, 2012

Cummins West, Inc. paid $63,000 to settle a dispute with the Air Resources Board ($47,250 went to the California Air Pollution Control Fund and $15,750 to the Peralta Community College District for distribution to participating California Council on Diesel Education and Technology (CCDET) colleges. This settlement was reached in March 2012.

The Air Resources Board (ARB) alleged, and Cummins West, Inc. denied, that (i) Cummins West, Inc. failed to comply with the applicable Executive Order (EO) by installing the Cleaire Horizon Diesel Particulate Filters on school buses owned by Southwest Transportation Agency without performing the engine pre-installation assessment; (ii) the EO issued by ARB for the Cleaire Horizon Diesel Particulate Filter requires an engine pre-installation assessment; (iii)  Cummins West, Inc. installed Cleaire Horizon Diesel Particular Filters without performing the engine pre-installation assessment; and (iv) this violation of the EO caused soot overloading of some Diesel Particulate Filters (DPFs) installed on smoking engines. The ARB believes that it is critically important that the engine meets manufacturer specifications before a DPF is installed.

To settle the case, Cummins West, Inc. agreed to the $63,000 settlement payment and to comply with the VC Section 27156, the Aftermarket Parts Regulations, the Verification Procedure and the applicable EO.