ARB Settles Two Motorcycle Cases for $400,000.00

This page finalized February 7, 2005.


The Mobile Source Enforcement Section, ARB's Office of Legal Affairs, and the Attorney General's Office negotiated two independent stipulated settlement agreements with Bay Area Custom Cycles and Indian Motorcycle of Long Beach in the amount of $400,000.00. This brings closure for both of these investigations that have been ongoing for over two years.

Bay Area Custom Cycles was alleged to be manufacturing custom built motorcycles, offering them for sale, and selling them to California residents without certifying and obtaining an Executive Order from ARB. Bay Area Custom Cycles will pay $55,000.00 to the Air Pollution Control Fund over a period of two years and will be on probation during this time. In the event of failure to comply with the agreement, Bay Area Custom Cycles is ordered to pay a total of $150,000.00. Bay Area Custom Cycles has since certified with ARB and has been issued an Executive Order.

Indian of Long Beach was alleged to be removing emissions related equipment from new motorcycles before and after they were sold. Indian of Long Beach was found to be liable for the total sum of $250,000.00 in penalties. The Air Resources Board conditionally accepted a payment of $65,000.00 if it was paid within 30 days of settling this case. It was also agreed that the principals/owners/shareholders of Indian of Long Beach, who was also own Nissan of Long Beach, LLC, will seek a California dealers license to sell motorcycles in California for a three (3) year period ending April 1, 2007.