Carl Zeiss Vision, Inc. Case Settles for $240,000

This page last reviewed May 5th, 2014.

On April 28, 2014, a Consumer Products case was settled with Carl Zeiss Vision, Inc. for selling and/or supplying a non-compliant “General Purpose Cleaner” product as specified in Title 17, CCR, section 94509(a). The product was ostensibly labeled to clean optical glass, which is a use exempted from VOC limit under the “Glass Cleaner” product category, however the product was labeled to perform other cleaning tasks which placed it within the definition of “General Purpose Cleaner.” The product exceeded the “General Purpose Cleaner” VOC compound content limit and contributed 22 tons of excess VOC emissions to California’s air. Carl Zeiss Vision, Inc. paid $240,000 to settle this case, with an additional $38,000 amount suspended for 18 months pending a reformulation attempt.