Dateland Construction Company Inc. Case Settles for $5,850    

This page last reviewed November 22, 2010

In October 2010, Dateland Construction Company Inc. (Dateland) agreed to pay $5,850 in penalties for violating air quality regulations; $4,387.50 went to the California Air Pollution Control Fund and $1,462.50 to the Peralta Community College District.  Dateland failed to report and label some off-road vehicles in their fleet.  All off-road diesel vehicles must be reported to the Air Resources Board (ARB) by April 1, 2009 as set forth by 13 CCR Section 2449(g)(1).   Dateland also incorrectly separated their fleet into three independent fleets (Dateland Construction Company, Desert Redi-Mix and Meredith & Simpson) without identifying Dateland as the parent company as set forth by Title 13 CCR section 2477(f)(2).  Dateland has now reported and labeled all vehicles in their fleet and Dateland is now listed as the parent company for all fleets under its common ownership and control.  Dateland has agreed to pay the $5,850 penalty and to comply with the off-road rule and all applicable ARB regulations.