DIII Transport Case Settles for $2,100

This page last reviewed March 16, 2018

DIII Transport will pay $2,100 in penalties for violating air quality regulations: $2,100 will go to the Air Pollution Control Fund, which provides funding for projects and research to improve California's air quality. This settlement was finally executed on March 2017.

In 2017, Enforcement Division initiated an investigation of DIII Transport Services Inc. from the Complaint database. The investigation revealed that DIII Transport failed to include the Disclosure of Regulation Applicability on the bill of sales, contract addendums, or invoices, as required by the Truck and Bus (TB) Regulation (13 CCR

2025(w)).  The penalty obtained for the TB violations involved in this case for failure to disclose appropriate language on the bills of sales, sales contract addendums, or invoices is $2,100.00 or $300.00 per vehicle per violation for 7 vehicles.

CARB documented violations as they related to the TB Regulation. To settle the case, DIII Transport agreed to the $2,100 in penalty and to comply with TB and other ARB programs.