$30,344 in Fines Paid by DWP Classic Cars

This page finalized July 17,2007


The Mobile Source Enforcement Section in conjunction with the ARB's Office of Legal Affairs, and the Riverside County District Attorney's Office have entered into a Final Judgment Pursuant to Stipulation in the amount of $30,344.00 with DWP Classic Cars located in Riverside California. DWP was building custom motorcycles and selling them to California residents without California emissions certification. As part of the settlement, DWP was required to go through testing with one of the motorcycles they built and install an evaporative emissions control system on the motorcycle. They were then required to retrofit the other motorcycles they built with the same system. As part of the judgment, DWP was permanently enjoined and restrained pursuant to Business and Professions Code 17203 from violating Health and Safety Codes Sections 43151, 43152 and 43153. DWP paid $5,344 to the ARB for our investigative costs and paid the Riverside County District Attorney $25,000.

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