Eastern Manufacturing, Inc. Case Settles for $2,000,000

This page last reviewed June 29, 2010

The Mobile Source Enforcement Section in conjunction with the Office of Legal Affairs and the Office of the Attorney General for the State of California brought an action in Los Angeles County Superior Court against Eastern Manufacturing, Inc., a Pennsylvania Corporation, for advertising, offering for sale and selling uncertified catalytic converters to California businesses and consumers.  This case settled in June 2010, and the defendant stipulated to a total penalty of $2,000,000.  Eastern Manufacturing is also permanently enjoined from violating the terms of this agreement, the provisions of Vehicle Code Section 27156, and selling, offering for sale, and advertising in any manner any pollution control device that has not received an Executive Order from ARB. They also are enjoined from using the phrases in advertising, in California, “high flow,” “easy flow,” “high performance,” and any other phrase that could make it appear that replacement pollution control devices perform better than the original equipment installed by the manufacturer.  Eastern may also not use the phrase, in California “OBD II” orally, in writing or in any of their advertising unless that catalytic converter has met the strict requirements for an OBD II converter and has been issued an Executive Order by ARB.