Enviromotive, Inc. Case Settles for $22,724

This page last reviewed July 20, 2018

In June 2018, Enviromotive, Inc. (Enviromotive) of Anaheim, California settled its case with the California Air Resources Board (CARB) involving one violation type related to offering for sale aftermarket diesel particulate filters (DPFs).  During a routine investigation, CARB revealed that Enviromotive allegedly advertised, sold, and offered for sale 76 DPFs for stock heavy duty vehicles without legal exemptions to California anti-tampering laws.  This conduct was in violation of California Vehicle Code sections 27156(c), 38391, and title 13, California Code of Regulations, section 2222(b)(2).  Such parts replace or modify vital original emission components and manufacturer specified engine operating conditions, and thus must be evaluated by CARB to demonstrate continued emissions compliance.  Enviromotive has agreed to pay a $299 per unit penalty resulting in a total penalty amount of $22,724.  Enviromotive is now in compliance with the California regulation.