$13,150 in Fines Paid by Ford

This page finalized June 29, 2006.



In October 2003, the ARB became aware that the emissions labels on some 2003 model year 6.0L Excursions stated that the vehicles were certified to California ARB emission requirements when in fact the vehicles were built and certified as U.S. EPA (federal) only vehicles. According to Fordís records and a search of the California Department of Motor Vehicles registration information, three (3) of the affected vehicles were first sold and registered in California. Ford has made a concerted effort to locate these vehicles. The affected 6.0L Ford Excursions that were identified as being registered in California were, with ARB approval, modified to the California certified configuration. In addition, Ford paid a penalty of $13,150 to the California Air Pollution Control Fund to settle these violations


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