$15,500 in Fines Paid by GDB International

This page finalized March 19, 2008


Between November 2005 and May of 2006, GDB International sold or supplied 65,628 aerosol cans of "Spra-Loos" and "Swift-Lube" that exceeded the 50% VOC limit for Multi-purpose Lubricant in the Consumer Products Regulation. These products had been manufactured prior to the effective date of the limit by another company for sale in a foreign country however, GDB International subsequently relabeled the products after the effective date of the limit. GDB International supplied these products to discount retail chains in California and the lubricants were sold after the end of the 3 year sell-through period. GDB International settled the case on December 26, 2007 for a payment of $15,500.

Case Settlements