Goldenvale, Inc. Case Settles for $750,000

This page last reviewed January 19, 2012

The Air Resources Board’s (ARB) Mobile Source Enforcement Section, in conjunction with the Office of Legal Affairs and the District Attorney of the County of San Bernardino, brought a civil action in San Bernardino County Superior Court against Goldenvale, Inc. This action was based on the importation, offer for sale, and sale of uncertified motor vehicles and making of untrue and/or misleading statements in connection with the sale of those motor vehicles, in violation of the Health and Safety Code and Business and Professions Code.

The defendants stipulated to a total penalty of $750,000; ARB will be receiving $25,000 in investigative costs which will go to the Air Pollution Control Fund. The terms of the injunction can be viewed here and includes the right to inspection and the maintaining of written records and reports evidencing compliance with Health & Safety Code 43151 and California Vehicle Code 4463.

This is the second action brought against Goldenvale, Inc. or its principals by the District Attorney of the County of San Bernardino. The details of the first action can be found here and relate to a criminal action against Goldenvale’s principals for grand theft and/or conspiracy to commit grand theft in the sale of these uncertified vehicles. As part of the plea agreement and terms of probation in the criminal case, Goldenvale’s principals agreed to pay restitution to each victim. For additional information on restitution, contact Deputy District Attorney Douglas Poston at the San Bernardino District Attorney’s Office at (909) 891-3331.