$5,000 in Fines Paid by Global Performance Products

This page finalized January 1, 2008


Since January 2005, Global Performance Products has been supplying and offering for sale in California Der Shiney Stuff Super Gloss Sealant Glaze product which was not in compliance with the 15% VOC limit for automotive wax, polish, sealant or glaze category in the Consumer Product Regulation.  In addition, the company was selling two additional products, Der Mist Stuff Dusting Mist Spray & Shine and Der Real Stuff Cleaner & Protector, neither of which clearly displayed the date of manufacture or a code indicating such date, as required in section 94512(b) of the regulations.  On September 30, 2008, Global Performance Products settled the violations for a payment of $5,000 in lieu of litigation.