$4,700,000 in Fines Paid by Gregg Industries Inc.

This page finalized March 20, 2009


The South Coast AQMD settled its long-standing nuisance case against Gregg Industries, Inc. - an El Monte gray iron foundry that had been documented violating the District’s public nuisance rule five times (Rule 402), Title V Permit Requirements four times (Rule 3002(c)(1)), general permit requirements (Rule 203(a)/1110.2), risk assessment requirements (Rule 1402), and violation of a hearing board abatement order condition since late 2005.  The facility had been under two abatement order proceedings and was the source of much public concern, both for the emissions from the facility and for the economic impact that would result from the closing of the business.  The $4,700,000 settlement (all in a Supplemental Environmental Project) will require the facility to hire a full-time environmental coordinator and a full-time environmental engineer, to discontinue its shell-mold operation by December 4, 2008, to switch to CO2 or other low-emission core technologies, to phase out sands with greater than one percent VOC resins, to source test an existing sand baghouse, and to cease using phenolic-based sand binders in its core operation by July 1, 2009.  The settlement ends all abatement order proceedings against the facility.  Staff had inspected the facility with the District and has attended several abatement order hearings at the District over this facility.