Homelite Consumer Products, Inc. (Homelite) Settles Title 13 Testing Case

This page finalized April 21, 2005.


In February, ARB staff visited the Homelite certification emissions test facilities in Anderson, South Carolina, to perform new engine compliance testing as authorized by the California Code of Regulations (CCR), Title 13, sections 2400-2409. Thirty engines from Homelite's 2004 model year 30 cubic centimeter California engine family were emissions tested, with 16 of them exceeding the family's emission limit. Twenty-two engines failed to complete the break-in period of 12 hours and two engines seized during emissions testing. Based on the emissions test results, ARB determined that the engine family was in noncompliance with the HC+NOx emissions limit. Consequently, ARB suspended the EO and ordered Homelite to halt shipment of any more engines from their facility.

After discussions with ARB, Homelite agreed to settle the case by agreeing to pay a fine of five hundred thousand ($ 500,000) to the Air Pollution Control Fund pursuant to section 43016 of the Health and Safety Code and to fulfill other remedial actions specified in the settlement agreement. Subsequently, Homelite was issued an amended EO for the subject engine family increasing the HC+NOx FEL to 54 g/bhp-hr from 46 g/bhp-hr.