Hsin Chien Marine Company, Ltd. Case Settles for $52,500

This page last reviewed September 10, 2018

Hsin Chien Marine Company, Ltd., Taipei, Taiwan, paid $52,500.00 in penalties to the California Air Resources Board (CARB), for violating the Ocean-Going Vessels fuel regulations.  The violations were discovered during a routine inspection by CARB staff.  This settlement was reached in August, 2018.  An investigation by CARB showed that the Hsin Chien Marine Company, Ltd. vessel New Aspiration failed to operate on compliant fuel upon entry into Regulated California Waters in 2018.  CARB alleged seven days of violation for a penalty of $7,500 per day. Hsin Chien Marine Company, Ltd. took prompt action after being notified of these violations and, under CARB’s supervision, began operating in a compliant fashion.  To settle the case, Hsin Chien Marine Company, Ltd. agreed to the $52,500.00 penalty for the violations and to comply with CARB regulations.