Husqvarna Professional Products, Inc. Case Settles for $1,038,000.00

This page last reviewed December 5th, 2013.

Husqvarna is a Swedish company with a Consumer Outdoor Products Division that manufactures and distributes handheld outdoor power equipment. In March 2013, Husqvarna reported to the Air Resources Board (ARB) annual California sales figures for nine families of Small Off-Road Engines that were not covered by an Executive Order. Husqvarna reported total sales of these nine families of Small Off-Road Engines to California consumers at 17,188 units. These engines are used to power small chain saws, line trimmers and leaf blowers. Sale of these engines in California without certification under an ARB Executive Order violates Title 13, California Code of Regulations section 2400 et seq. 

Husqvarna provided ARB with all needed information during the agency’s investigation and fully cooperated in the resolution of the matter, which included warehouse distribution holds and retail product recalls. The case was settled in November 2013 for a total of $1,038,000.