IMZ-URAL Group, Inc. Case Settles for $40,000.00

This page last reviewed December 17th 2012.

In July 2011 staff from the Mobile Source Enforcement Section of the Air Resources Board (ARB) discovered that IMZ-URAL Group Inc. (URAL) offered for sale, and/or sold in California 2010 and 2011 model-year, on-road motorcycles for use or registration in California prior to issuance of a California Executive Order. Ural did receive its 2011 model-year Executive on August 12, 2011. However, several motorcycles were sold through a dealer network and were registered by the Department of Motor Vehicles for use in California prior to Ural receiving California certification. 

Ural fully cooperated with ARB in the investigation. The case was settled in November 2012 for forty thousand dollars ($40,000).