Kinder Morgan Energy Partners, L.P. Case Settles for $35,000

This page last reviewed April 18, 2012

In December 2011, Kinder Morgan paid $35,000 in penalties for supplying gasoline in violation of California reformulated gasoline regulations. From March 1st, 2009 through March 31st, 2009, regular and premium grade gasoline was dispensed from the Kinder Morgan Orange terminal that had insufficient additives. During this time, Kinder Morgan was in process of installing a new management system. An injection rate of approximately 95% was mis-keyed into the system resulting in gasoline that did not meet the minimum required concentrations of additives as certified. Kinder Morgan discovered then self-reported this violation on April 3, 2009 upon preparation of their monthly records. Audits by Enforcement staff verified the violation. Kinder Morgan took immediate steps to investigate and has since initiated a daily reconciliation practice to prevent similar incidents from occurring again.