$3,050 in Fines Paid by LCT, Titan and Eastern Equipment

This page finalized August 18, 2005.


Based on a tip from a consumer, Mobile Source Enforcement Section staff documented two small, electrical generators one of which was powered by a non-California certified spark ignition engine, the other by a
non-California compliant compression ignition engine. The emission label on the model with the spark ignition engine indicated compliance with California and EPA emission regulations while the compression ignition engine model did not have an emission label at all. Further investigation revealed that, though an application had been submitted for the spark ignition model, the ARB had not issued an executive order for this engine family because tamper resistance issues had not been resolved. Liquid Combustion Technology (LCT), the engine manufacturer of record, sold the engines to their primary OEM, American Fab Inc., the manufacturer of Titan Industrial (Titan) who in turn sold the generators to their western states distributor, Eastern Equipment Co. Titan and Eastern Equipment stated that the inadvertent sale of two non-compliant units in California was an isolated incident. LCT has since completed the certification process and the spark ignition engine is now covered by an Executive Order. Working with the Office of Legal Affairs, the ARB reached a settlement agreement with LCT, Titan and Eastern Equipment for $1,050, $1,000 and $1,000 respectively to the Air Pollution Control Fund.

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