Liquid Glass Enterprises Inc. Case Settles for $100,000

This page last reviewed December 29, 2011

On March 7, 2011, the California Air Resources Board resolved a case with Liquid Glass Enterprises Inc., by way of a Consent Judgment from the Superior Court of the County of Los Angeles. Liquid Glass sold into California at least 6,246 units of non-compliant Liquid Glass Ultimate Auto Polish/Finish and 2,531 units of Liquid Glass Pre-Cleaner that exceeded the volatile organic compound (VOC) limits in the Automotive Wax/Polish and Automotive Rubbing and Polishing compound regulations (title17, California Code of Regulations (CCR), section 94509(a)). Additionally, Liquid Glass violated Title 17, section 94512, by failing to clearly display the date of manufacture on both products from 2005 through at least 2007.  After Liquid Glass was made aware of the violations, they contested the ARB’s laboratory findings, eventually resulting in referral of the case to the Attorney General’s Office. Liquid Glass Enterprises, Inc. agreed to pay $60,000 in civil penalties to settle the case and an additional $40,000 of penalties which will be suspended if the company does not violate the consumer products regulations as specified under the terms of the 5 year injunction incorporated in the Consent Judgment.