$12,500 in Fines Paid by Lucky 7 Choppers

This page finalized August 18, 2005.


On January 15, 2005, an inspection was performed at Lucky 7 Choppers in Rancho Cucamonga, and it was found that they were manufacturing and offering for sale non-California certified custom motorcycles to California residents. A Notice of Violation was issued for five motorcycles that were in violation of California Health and Safety Code (H&SC), section 43150-43153. Lucky 7 Choppers corrected the violations by providing proof that the motorcycles were removed from California. On May 7, 2005, Mr. Kyle Kirkman,
Co-Owner of Lucky 7 Choppers signed an Installment Agreement with the Air Resources Board for violations of the H&SC. Lucky 7 Choppers is making payments that amount to $12,500.00 to the Air Pollution Control Fund. Lucky 7 Choppers is now in the process of getting certification from ARB to manufacture and sell their motorcycles to California residents.

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