Mercantile Development

This page finalized August 1, 2006.


On February 24, 2000, in response to a complaint, Enforcement Division staff obtained samples of Wet Towel All-Purpose Cleaner, which is manufactured by Mercantile Development. Lab analyses confirmed a violation of this product for the General-Purpose category. A Report of Violation was issued to the company and a tele-conference was held to discuss the alleged violation. Based on sales records and formulation data supplied by the company, excess emissions were calculated at 3.05 tons (6,101.6 lbs) based on sales of the product from January 1994 through June 2000. This case was referred to Legal on April 25, 2001. Legal reached a settlement with this company in the amount of $12,000 on July 31, 2001. This case is now closed.

Case Settlements