Nissan North America Case Settles for $508,000

This page last reviewed April 2, 2012

In February 2012, the Air Resources Board (ARB) reached a settlement with Nissan North America Inc. (Nissan) that included a one-time payment of $381,000 to the California Air Pollution Fund and $127,000 to a Supplemental Environmental Project for self-reporting a shipping error of 127 federally certified 2011 Nissan Quest vehicles.

Nissan immediately took corrective action to fix the error and issued a stop sale notice once the error was found.  Nissan took steps to ensure such an error would never happen again.  Nissan also recalled all 127 federally certified vehicles from their dealers and removed them from California.  Nissan was very helpful and forthcoming on providing ARB with information on the error as well as quickly rectifying the error.  To settle the case, Nissan agreed to the $381,000 penalty as well as $127,000 towards a Supplemental Environmental Project.