Noll Norwesco LLC Case Settles for $65,750

This page last reviewed March 30, 2017

Noll Norwesco will pay $65,750.00 in penalties for violating air quality regulations: $49,313.00 will go to the Air Pollution Control Fund, which provides funding for projects and research to improve California's air quality; $16,437.00 will go to the School Bus Retrofit Project to retrofit school buses throughout California with diesel emission control strategies. This settlement was finally executed on March 28, 2017.

In 2016, Enforcement Division initiated an investigation of Noll Norwesco LLC  from the Smart Audit list. The investigation revealed that Noll Norwesco LLC. had failed to: (1) properly self-inspect its diesel trucks, as required by PSIP as codified in California Code of Regulations, title 13, section 2190 et seq. (13 CCR 2190 et.seq.); (2) failed to provide evidence that their vehicles have ECLs attached to the engines of heavy-duty diesel vehicles in its fleet in violation of HSC 44011.6, and 13 CCR 2183, et seq; (3) failed to meet PM BACT requirements for all 1996 through 1999 engine model years by January 1, 2012, all 2000 through 2004 engine model years by January 1, 2013, and failed to upgrade all heavier vehicles with a 1994 through 1995 model year engine to a 2010 model year emissions equivalent engine by January 1, 2016, as required by the TB Regulation (13 CCR 2025 et.seq.); (4) failed to report all vehicles with engines subject to the regulation for which the fleet owner has elected to utilize the compliance options of 13 CCR 2025(p)(4); and (5) failed to verify compliance for each vehicle hired or dispatched and to maintain records as required by the Truck and Bus Regulation (13 CCR 2025 et.seq.). ARB documented violations as they related to the Periodic Smoke Inspection Program (PSIP) and the Truck and Bus (TB) Regulation.  To settle the case, Noll Norwesco LLC agreed to the $65,750.00 penalty and to comply with PSIP, ECL, TB, and other ARB programs.