Orange County Honda Case Settles for $24,000

This page last reviewed June 1, 2010

During May, 2008 the Mobile Source Enforcement Section along with the Office of Legal Affairs completed its investigation and has entered into a settlement in the amount of $24,000 with Orange County Honda, located in Orange, California.  ARB received information that Orange County Honda was modifying off-highway certified Honda CRF250X and CRF450X’s by installing a Baja Light Kit which included turn signals, speedometer and license plate holder, selling them to California customers and then registering them as on-highway street legal motorcycles. The investigation found that Orange County Honda was advertising on their web-site that they had street legal 450’s in stock.   In a field visit to Orange County Honda, inspectors found that they had one CRF 450X being offered for sale on their showroom floor, and that they had sold others to California residents and registered them for street use.  As part of the settlement, Orange County Honda removed the one motorcycle from their showroom and returned it to the off-road certified condition.  ARB also requested that the Department of Motor Vehicles revoke the on-road registration for the ones that were sold.  Orange County Honda agreed to pay $24,000 into the Air Pollution Control Fund to settle this matter.