Ormat Nevada Inc. Case Settles for $150,000

This page last reviewed February 22, 2018

Ormat Nevada Inc. paid $150,000.00 in penalties to the California Air Resources Board, for violating air quality regulations.  This settlement was reached on January 18, 2018.  An investigation by ARB staff showed that Ormat Nevada Inc violated the emission rate limit for 2015 and failed to accurately report gas insulated switchgear for four facilities in California.  Ormat Nevada Inc. cooperated with ARB’s investigation and has implemented process improvements to prevent future violations.  To settle the case, Ormat Nevada Inc. agreed to pay the $150,000.00 penalty in two installments. The first installment, for $78,000.00 was made payable to the Air Pollution Control Fund and the second installment, for $72,000.00 was made payable to the Fresno TREES SEP.