Parsec, Incorporated Case Settles for $21,750

This page last reviewed August 10, 2010

On May 20, 2010, Parsec, Incorporated agreed to pay $21,750 in penalties for violating air quality regulations.  This includes $16,312.50 to the California Air Pollution Control Fund and $5,437.50 to the Peralta Community College District for distribution to participating California Council on Diesel Education and Technology (CCDET) colleges.  An investigation by ARB showed that Parsec inadvertently imported vehicles that did not meet the emissions standards set forth in the Cargo Handling Equipment rule.  Parsec has taken steps to guarantee that this mistake will not happen again and began the process of removing the vehicles from the State long before a settlement was reached.  To settle the case, Parsec agreed to the $21,750 penalty and to comply with ARB regulations.