$27,500 in Fines Paid by Regency Conversions

This page finalized June 2, 2008


The California Air Resources Board fined Regency Conversions of Fort Worth, Texas, $27,500 following the discovery of illegally modified vehicles for sale at five dealerships scattered throughout the state. The illegal vehicles, all new trucks modified with performance-enhancing equipment capable of boosting acceleration and efficiency, started out as legal vehicles certified for sale in California. After modification by Regency Conversions, they were shipped to dealers in Bell and Bellflower in Southern California, Paso Robles near the Central Coast, and San Francisco and Sacramento in the northern part of the state, and offered for sale.  After an investigation by ARB, the dealers were fined and had the option of removing the performance-boosting parts and offering the vehicles for sale, or shipping them to be sold out of state.  As part of the settlement agreement, Regency Conversions has agreed to not modify vehicles offered for sale in California.  For buyers who choose to modify their vehicles with performance-enhancing equipment, there are a number of legally approved options that can be installed after purchase. Once they make that choice, then they are responsible for seeing that it is done correctly and legally. Buyers generally know best what type of special equipment meets their needs.

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