Renick Cadillac/Subaru Case Settles for $15,000

This page last reviewed October 25, 2010

Staff from the Mobile Source Enforcement Section discovered that Renick Cadillac/Subaru, located in Fullerton, California, offered for sale and sold to California residents Tomcar utility vehicles that were equipped with Large Spark Ignition (LSI) certified by ARB, but licensed by Renick  through DMV for on-road use.  These vehicles pre-date the new regulations for off-highway recreational vehicles that require a vehicle certification.  Licensing these vehicles for on-road use is a violation of California Health and Safety Code Sections 43150 through 43153.  Renick Cadillac/Subaru and Tomcar USA worked with ARB and the consumers to buy the vehicles back and remove them from California, or they assisted the owners to get green stickers for legal off-road use. Tomcar paid the penalties for Renick Cadillac/Subaru and $15,000 was paid into the Air Pollution Control Fund in September 2010 to settle these violations.