Ricardo Motors, LLC Case Settles for $5,100,000

This page last reviewed March 7th, 2014.

The Vehicle Enforcement Section , in conjunction with the Office of Legal Affairs and Office of the Attorney General for the State of California , has entered into a court approved stipulated judgment in the amount of $2,550,000 with Tony Wong, Mitchell Wong , Reuben Lajda, and Hibird USA , LLC. The settlement resolves alleged violations of California Health and Safety Code sections 43151-43153 in connection with the alleged importation, sale , and registration of uncertified off-road and on-road vehicles . Under the terms of the agreement , $2,530,000 of the total penalty is suspended for a period of 10 years, provided the defendants do not violate the permanent injunction or payment conditions . A default judgment and permanent injunction against Ricardo Motors, LLC and Richard Wang was filed on July 22, 2013 , in the Sacramento County Superior Court . The default amount is for an additional $2 ,550,000 with no stay in penalty .