$2,000 in Fines Paid by Riebes Auto Parts

This page finalized October 17, 2006.


In March of 2003, Enforcement staff obtained samples of non-complying Peak All Weather Windshield Wash (-20 F) from Riebes NAPA stores located in a non-type A area of California. After determining that Riebes Auto Parts had been notified by the manufacturer where the product could be legally sold, we conducted an office teleconference with Riebes Auto Parts on December 20, 2005, to discuss the sale on non-compliant windshield washer fluid sold at approximately ten of their retail locations.  Due to a distribution error, roughly 1,305 gallons of non-compliant windshield washer fluid was sold. Riebes has corrected the distribution problem and settled the case on January 19, 2006, after paying a $2,000 penalty.


Case Settlements