Robin America, Inc. Case Settles for $204,000

This page last reviewed September 3, 2010

In 2008, an investigation by ARB revealed that Robin sold and introduced into commerce generators without the required catalysts.  ARB's investigation indicated that the violations resulted in unquantifiable excess emissions and occurred as follows. Fuji Heavy Industries applied for and obtained ARB's certification to sell the engines in California. ARB's certification was granted to Fuji in Executive Order U-U-012-0208. This Executive Order notes that the engines must employ emission control catalysts. Robin, Fuji's subsidiary, provided the engines to Powermate for final assembly into generators to be sold under the Coleman label. Robin also supplied Powermate the required catalysts, which were shipped by Robin to Powermate in the containers with the Robin engines - along with Robin's detailed written installation instructions for the catalysts. Powermate failed to install the required emission control catalysts according to Robin's instructions.  Robin took prompt action after being notified of these violations and under ARB’s supervision recalled some of the generators and either placed catalysts in them or removed them from the state.  Robin fully cooperated with ARB in this matter and agreed to pay a penalty consistent with penalties ARB has imposed in similar cases.  This case was settled in August 2010 for $204,000.