$600,000 in Fines Paid by Sandcar Association

This page finalized April 20, 2009


A sandcar is a high performance recreational vehicle that is popular in areas like Pismo Beach and Glamis Dunes.  They typically have paddle tires and 400+ horsepower engines, and the cost ranges from $50,000 to well over $100,000.  During the housing market boom, customers were pulling equity money out of their houses and sandcar builders were backlogged with orders.  Unfortunately, they were building vehicles that were not certified for sale or use in California.  The Mobile Source Enforcement Section, in conjunction with the Office of Legal Affairs (OLA) has completed a lengthy enforcement investigation that includes a settlement with the sandcar industry that totals $600,000.  In addition to the penalties, at least three sandcar engine builders have now developed compliant engines and received ARB Executive Orders.  As a result, the industry is now building compliant sandcars.  In response to the ARB enforcement action, most of the major sandcar and engine builders formed the Sandcar Association to ensure that their members build compliant products. This has been a win-win for air quality and the sandcar industry, because the industry is now using ARB certified engines and self enforcing its members to comply.  In addition, in lieu of having to negotiate thirty- seven individual settlements, the ARB negotiated one settlement with the Association and entered into thirty-seven settlement agreements with the members that had violations for uncertified vehicles.  Although it was still a lengthy and challenging process, dealing with the Association conserved ARB enforcement and OLA resources.  Under the terms of the agreements, members of the Association agreed to pay $600,000.00 to the Air Pollution Control Fund. Two of the companies have paid in full while the others are paying with a series of payments that are stretched out over 18 months.