$20,000 in Fines Paid by Sanity's Edge Custom Cycles

This page finalized April 20, 2009


The Mobile Source Enforcement Section in conjunction with the ARB’s Office of Legal Affairs and the California Attorney General’s Office have entered into an agreement in the amount of $20,000 with Jeffery M. Flowers doing business as Sanity’s Edge Custom Cycles.  Jeffery Flowers had a business in Mentone, California where he was building custom motorcycles and selling them to California residents without getting certification from the Air Resources Board.  This is a violation Health and Safety Code section 43150, et seq.  The case was referred to the California Attorney General’s Office for prosecution because Mr. Flowers refused to settle with ARB.  Based on his ability to pay, the penalty amount was reduced to $6,800 with the stipulation that if Mr. Flowers violates the terms of the agreement he must immediately pay the complete sum of $20,000.  This case was settled in February 2009 and the money will be paid into the Air Pollution Control Fund.