$4,500 in Fines Paid by 7/11 Materials, Inc.

This page finalized March 9, 2009


In February 2009, 7/11 Materials, Inc. agreed to pay $4,500 in penalties; $3,375 to the California Air Pollution Fund, $562.50 to the Peralta Community College District, and $562.50 to the California Pollution Control Financing Authority for violating air quality regulations.  An investigation by the ARB showed that 7/11 Materials, Inc. failed to properly self-inspect their diesel trucks to assure the trucks met state smoke emission standards.  ARB documented violations as they related to the Periodic Smoke Inspection Program (PSI).  To settle the case, 7/11 Materials, Inc. agreed to the $4,500 penalty and to comply with the PSI and other ARB programs.