Seymour Manufacturing Company Case Settles for $16,000

This page last reviewed January 7, 2011

On September 15, 2010, Seymour Manufacturing Company globally settled “Charcoal Lighter Material” violations in four Notices of Violation for $16,000.  The Notices of Violation involved the Big Green Egg Fire Starters, Ono Charcoal Firewood Starters, Griller’s Choice Safe Start Fire-Lites, and the A. W. Perkins Co. Quick-Lighting Fire Starters products.  Seymour Manufacturing Company is the manufacturer of these products and failed to update their Executive Order to include these brands prior to the products being offered for sale into California.  In addition, one product was not marked with a date of manufacture.  Additionally, the South Coast Air Quality Management District has a similar certification process for “Charcoal Lighter Material.”